Top travel tips for any travelling adventure

Planning a trip? Be sure to follow these fail safe tips to avoid holiday disaster

Travel is one of those things that every person should do, whether it is a short drive out of state of an epic overseas adventure, travelling and breaking away from your own daily reality can be one of the most liberating things to do.

Yet there are many things that can go wrong when you are in a place where you don’t know anyone, you cannot speak the language or simply have no idea where you are or where you are going. Sometimes this is just yet another experience in your travels that will bring you many stories to tell your friends, but there are certain things that can happen when travelling that are just never a good experience.

Below are some easy and simple travelling tips that should prevent the worst while still keeping you open to experience all the very best travelling has to offer.

Always have back up cash and important documents

Especially true if you are overseas, having a back up source of cash is necessary if the worst happens and you lose all your belongings or are robbed.  This can either be a couple of hundred stored in a bank account with the card stored in a safety belt, or even carrying some of that cash on you at all times, again in a safety belt.  By the same token, don’t walk around with a large amount of cash in your wallet or pocket. Keep the amount to a minimum so that if lost it’s not a big deal.

When it comes to your passports, birth certificate, travel insurance or any tickets, you should scan them all and store them online so you can download them at any time you need them.

Stay healthy and have all your vaccinations before you travel

There are quite a few countries that require a range of vaccinations for travellers before they enter the country.  These are for your own protection and it would be foolish to take the risk with your health rather than pay for the vaccinations.  Just by visiting a local GP and telling them where you are travelling too, you should be provided with all the necessary vaccinations.

Make smart eating decisions

This is truer in some countries more than others, but while grabbing that cheap dish from that street vendor may seem like a great idea when you are hungry, it may not seem quite so convenient when you are struck down with food poising – a truly horrible experience to go through if you are staying in a hostel in particular. Just use your instincts when it comes to judging the hygiene standards of any foods you are considering.

Always have a map

Getting lost when travelling can open you up to experiences and hidden gems that you may never have found if you stuck to the tourist guide, yet that doesn’t mean it isn’t completely overwhelming when you realise its getting dark and you have no idea where you are or the hotel is. To prevent this, always carry a map of the area with you along with the hotel card which will have the phone number and street address.

Protect from thieves by disguising valuables

When walking around or leaving your room unattended, it is always smart to disguise or hide any valuables to prevent thieves from making you a target. This may be putting your laptop in a regular bag and not storing it in the laptop shoulder carrier or putting your camera away in a side compartment of your luggage.

Travelling local or overseas offers up the potential to have new experiences and break free from the monotony of your daily life, by following these simple recommendations and following your instincts you will find that you will experience all the very best that your travel destination has to offer.