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Indonesia envoys lie low to hide bad grasp of English

Saturday February 20, 2010
SOME Indonesian diplomatic attaches have such a poor command of English they "freak out" and regularly cancel appointments, according to the secretary-general of the country's foreign affairs department.

Panicked diplomats 'call in sick' to avoid speaking English

Saturday February 20, 2010
JAKARTA: The head of Indonesia's foreign affairs department has expressed concern that some of its diplomatic attaches have such a poor command of English they "freak out" and regularly cancel appointments.

Qantas anxious as rival airlines fight for government travel business

Monday February 15, 2010
MORE than a dozen airlines and large travel-management consultancies will find out soon whether they have broken Qantas's stranglehold on the federal government's $500 million-a year travel budget.

Qantas vulnerable in fight for government travel

Monday February 15, 2010
MORE than a dozen airlines and large travel-management consultancies will find out within weeks whether they have broken Qantas' stranglehold on the federal government's $500 million a year travel budget.

Top travel tips for any travelling adventure

Thursday February 11, 2010
Planning a trip? Be sure to follow these fail safe tips to avoid holiday disas ...

Australians turning towards more overseas travel

Monday February 1, 2010
Overseas travel now high priority for many Australians has 2009 figure reports ...

International travel agencies 2010 travel trends report

Monday January 25, 2010
Travel trends picked to be influenced by ‘X-factor’: reportThe 201 ...

Latest Results from Country Brand Index

Monday January 18, 2010
US tops branding index used by travel agencies to predict possible trendsThe l ...

World Travel

Friday January 15, 2010
World travel is the aspiration of many travellers, and there is nothing quite ...

Travel agencies popularity and loyalty levels measured

Thursday January 14, 2010
Research awards most popular and consumer loyalty levels of ranked travel agencies

First TAB chief wanted everyone to be winners

Wednesday September 23, 2009

Judging by Cannes, industry excess is a weighty issue

Thursday June 18, 2009
EXCESS baggage is the blight of air travel. You know the problems: it costs you an arm and a leg, you have to join another queue, your partner shouts at you for buying too many books, and, if you are as heavy as I used to be, you worry each time you go to the airport that you will be charged extra just for being yourself.

Rio might tweak deal to pre-empt FIRB, investor concerns

Friday June 5, 2009
THERE is increasing speculation that Rio Tinto and Chinalco will publicly announce revisions to their proposed alliance before the Foreign Investment Review Board makes its ruling later this month, and there are some good reasons why.

Relaxation Guaranteed

Sunday October 26, 2008
Know how to protect yourself when travel companies go bust, writes Jane E. Fraser.


Sunday August 10, 2008
Q I plan to travel from Hanoi to Beijing by rail in early December and would appreciate any tips or advice.

Trusted Brand

Saturday June 3, 2006
JETSET is one of Australia's most trusted and well-respected brands with more than 40 years of travel experience and more 400 travel agencies represented in Australia.

Insurers, Travel Firms Take Stock

Thursday December 30, 2004
Share prices decline as travel agencies, airlines and insurers make their initial damage estimates.

The Easy Way To Plan Your Honeymoon

Monday February 3, 2003
So much time, energy and work goes into organising a wedding that any help that couples can receive in organising their honeymoon comes as a relief.

It's Heaven For High-fliers

Sunday April 18, 1999
Leather seats, polished wood, lush carpeting - it has to be an exclusive club. No, it's just today's airline experience. Kate Cox flew on cloud nine. A SMARTLY uniformed, discreetly attentive hostess has just cleared away a mouth-watering seven-course meal. While I change into a stylish set of

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